Press: 'Kill Miss Pretty Music Review'

June 1, 2006


Title:‘Kill Miss Pretty Music Review’

Author | Publish date: Blog by Sun Sentinal June 2006


Kill Miss Pretty

Jun 30, 2006

by Sun sentinal music review

MP3: Kill Miss Pretty — Negative Creep

Kill Miss Pretty will be bringing cool, electro-punk sounds to its latest gig, a Freezer Party on Miami Beach.

Exactly what’s up with the chilly reception? Russ Rogers, the band’s co-founder and guitarist, said that’s for fans to figure outwhen the costumes and props are unveiled July 13 at Electro-a-Go-Go at the Marlin Hotel, 1200 Collins Ave.

KMP was formed last year, with Rogers joined by his wife, Alicia, on vocals, and bassist Martin Davis. Rogers promises that each show will have a different theme.

The band’s debut concert May 26 at Gumwrappers in Fort Lauderdale was a down-the-rabbit-hole affair with members wearing Alice in Wonderland-style outfits.

Rogers also plays guitar with the Numb Ones, with guitarist James Coyle and drummer Phil Tucciarone. They released their first CD of catchy heavy-rock tunes, Everything in Between, in September on Cleopatra Records.

KMP is set to release an indie CD this fall. Unlike the Numb Ones, Rogers describes Pretty’s beat as having more of a dance element, with delectable grooves similar to the Faint and Jucifer, and Fugazi-tinged razor guitar.

“My wife and I are very creative,” Rogers said. “We love music and it’s something we can do together. The fact that people can listen to it and dig it, that’s all the better.”

KMP is expected to hit the stage around 11 p.m. at the Marlin. Contact 305-604-3595 or

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Jun 30, 2006

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Press: Want to land a role in a Fred Schneider film?

June 1, 2006


Website:The Orlando Sentinel

Title:‘Want to land a role in a Fred Schnieder movie?’

Author | Publish date:Blog by The Orlando Sentinal June 2006

Want to land a role in a Fred Schneider film?
Posted on Jun 15, 2006

By the Orlando Sentinal Blog

The B-52s frontman is making something titled Hogzilla, which he will be pitching/showing the trailer for at the upcoming pig themed Aida Big Phat Digital movie festival.

And even though they’re only buying ads in the gay mag Watermark, WTH? I’ll give’em a nod.

Two events will provide casting ops. The first is the June 18 T-dance at the Parliament House. The second is an Aida event at Lake Eola on June 25.

Go to for details.

And Hogzilla? That’s a Georgia folk-legend that turned out to be true, right? A monster hog the size of an Escalade?

Press: Aida's Big Phat Florida Film Festival

June 1, 2006


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Title: ‘Aida’s Big phat florida film festival listing’

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7/6-7/10: (Thurs-Mon) Aida’s Big Phat Florida Film Festival …Varied Time
Orange County Regional History Center
The Parliament House
The Social
The Veranda
>>> “AIDA’S Big Phat Florida Film Festival, in honor of Aida Molina, is a new annual celebration of independent, digital films produced IN Florida.
Located in Orlando, the City Beautiful, Aida’s festival not only promotes Floridaís growing digital film market, but it also honors and cherishes true independent film makers.
For many years now, Florida has been developing a more competitive film market by keeping film productions in Florida. There are state sanctioned incentives in place to provide the financial assistance that many new Florida production companies need to succeed. We here at Cochino Gordo Productions, LLP are taking it one step further, by sponsoring a cool, hip, truly independent, Phat film festival at which the real independent filmmakers of Florida can express their creativity in their own way. This is a place where their dreams become one step closer to reality. This is Aida’s Big Phat Florida Film Festival and we’re here to stay.
>>> To submit YOUR film (free) visit
Please join us in making Aida’s Big Phat Florida Film Festival a festival that we all in Florida can be proud of.
To learn the story of Aida Molina and how through sponsoring our film festival, you can bring the hope of life to children in need, please visit our website at
Aida sends a big Phat kiss your way! Keep your eye on Aida, the pig.
Snappy Casual attire/
Entry Ticket- $5 Discounts for package purchase
Call Tim Dunn for more information at 407-340-4387