PRESS: Covers "Wig Out" @ Click Aero Bar, DJ Maximus 3000 Birthday Bash

October 28, 2008 reports on Wig Out

“We’re not done with Halloween 2008 yet! CLICK’s big haunted bash “Wig Out” brought Elaine Lancaster out to perform along with club promoter Omar Gonzales (he was great!) – plus Adora kicked wigged butt and Ricky Salazar celebrated his birthday. We got the party on film!”

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PRESS: Covers Living Room Grand Opening!

October 20, 2008 Reports:

“It’s back to Las Olas for the Ft. Lauderdale gay community, as hip new venue Living Room Ultra Lounge opened up on Friday night to a big crowd. Matthew Rush was in attendance, and all 11,000 feet of sensory pleasure ensured the party made a statement: the popular bar from NYC, Tokyo, and Paris has landed in South Florida. EDGE has the photos!”

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