Dance Planet X – “South Beach (DJ Jorge Ojeda’s SOBE Tribal Mix) (Maximus 3000’s Video Mix)”

November 28, 2011

[youtube id=”xnMt8Znga_0″ width=”624″ height=”360″]

Dance Planet X – “South Beach (DJ Jorge Ojeda’s SOBE Tribal Mix)
(Maximus 3000’s Video Mix)”

Directed, Edited and Produced by – Maximus 3000
Co-Director – Monserrattz
Director’s of Photography – Sean O’ Brien, Amber Izzard & Ron Foster

Dance Planet X
Maximus 3000
Samara Riviera
Golden Blonde
King Koopa
The Crew of Laundry Bar
Electro-A-Go-Go! Party Goers
People of South Beach

Maximus 3000 and Monserrattz Directorial Debut for “South Beach” the Music video; the visual extension to Dance Planet X’s music single and project “South beach”. The Video charms the viewer with it’s multi-dimensional journey of the worlds that comprise the ‘real’ South Beach. An anthem for South Beach, it *”pays backhanded teasing tribute to Miami’s Highlife” and addresses the duality of the onslaught of “Locust” like tourism that can plague, and yet symbiotically, help South Beach’s economic status quo. The lyrics further brand the city as an International Playboy playground to the World. With its coupling of Betty Boop lyrics and Andy Warholesque video editing, the Video and Song are a monumental Miami masterpiece….an instant classic!

*(sean picolli/ pop music critic/ sun-sentinel)

This is off the “South Beach: The Remixes Part 1” maxi-single release By Dance Planet X (DPX). Directed By Maximus 3000 and Monserrattz. Video edited by Maximus 3000. check out the Dance Planet X project and more…