MARKS LIST POST: “Trending 1/19/12” Written by DJ/Producer Maximus 3000

January 19, 2012

“TRENDING” by DJ Maximus 3000, Marks List Magazine January 19, 2012

Trending debut: Music Selections from 2011, Top Tweets from 2011 (Entertainment, Music) , Top Youtube views 2011, Scene: Chalk Miami, Wilton Bier Garden.

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Trend 1.General tendency or direction. 2. Fashion, Mode. Trending.  The newly adapted term for something that is “becoming popular” or heavily buzzing.

Pop culture, music, fashion, nightlife and entertainment trends have become as homogeneous as they are constantly changing. Through the web and social media we have front row seats to witness where, how and why they come to be. This is an absolutely exciting time to be alive and, on a personal level, I love the connection with people and pop culture online.

With that said I am very excited to present my weekly “Trends” column. Covering world pop culture trends, nightlife buzz , Must attend events,  Artist interviews, Album reviews, hot music buys ,  entertainment gadgets & music technology, personal music charts, playlists and much more.

Rotating weekly I will cover these areas with “Music”, “Tech” & “Scene”.  For my debut, here’s a Sampler of what to expect

As we enter a new year  I felt it would be appropriate to revisit some of 2011’s hottest trends,  Music that you might have missed,  and recently opened venues making a splash.

Music Trends:

If you haven’t already go check out these albums:
•    David Guetta  “Nothing but the beat”
in his 5th studio album, Guetta collaborates with a whopping 15 member lineup of all-stars on this nonstop party album including Flo Rida, Nicky Minaj, Snoop Dogg and more.
•    Bjork  – “Biophilia”
“The princess of techno” makes cross medium return with “Biophilia”. Part concept album, part interactive app, part art installation and concert series. for all fans of Bjork this is a must have.
•    Justice –“ Audio video disco”
Fans of daft punk, mstrkrft, cut copy, and the presets will LOVE this album a Frankenstein’s monster influenced by bits and parts of “Bohemian rhapsody” era Queen, David bowie “Ziggy Stardust”, ladytron, and cassius.
•    Rihanna – “Talk that Talk”
•    Lady Gaga – “Born this way:  The remix”

Tech Trends:
Top 5 music terms Trending on Twitter 2011. Lesson learned? The Tweens are heavy Tweeters!:


  1.     •    Justin Bieber
  2.     •    Lady Gaga
  3.     •    Jonas Brothers
  4.     •    Super Junior
  5.     •    Britney Spears

Top 5 most watched videos of 2011 on Youtube:

  1.     •    Jlo feat Pitbull – “On the Floor”
  2.     •    LMFAO – “Party rock”
  3.     •    Bruno Mars – “Lazy Song”
  4.     •    Nicky Minaj – “Super Bass”
  5.     •    Pitbull feat. Marc Anthony  – “Rain over me”

South Florida Scene :
Ping pong ninjas & pool sharks rejoice. Miami has a new hotspot for unleashing the gamer inside while rubbing elbows with hip and fashion conscience party goers offering a nice alternative from the thumping club and lame door policy on South beach. The place is cozy, chic and reasonably priced. Twitter:  @chalkmiami

Attn Beer Lovers: Wilton Bier Garden touched down and opened its doors in the heart of Wilton Manors this past weekend. A nice procession of DJs and special events have followed. Keep an eye on this place, as its destined to be a great spot for special events on the drive. Facebook: Wilton Bier Garden

That’s it for this week. Im saving Tech Trend for something special! See you next week.

Send me a tweet with your suggestions, feedback or comments @djmaximus3000,  #djmaximus3000trends.

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