MARKS LIST POST: “Trending 2/2/12” Written by DJ Maximus 3000

February 4, 2012

“TRENDING” by DJ Maximus 3000, Marks List Magazine February 2, 2012

Trending Artist: Raquel Redd.

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Raquel Redd’s New smoking hot single “Right on track” is blazing the charts, and feverishly trenching its way on dancefloors everywhere. More remixes by The Klubjumpers, Von shock Project, Rod Carillo, Solar City and more are on their way and the Music video is being viewed at a quickfire pace. I sat down to find out what Raquel is all about and her


  • Where are you from and where are you currently based out of?
    I was born and raised in Nashville, TN.  Currently based in Nashville and L.A. 

  • Tell us about your connection to Ru Paul.
    We got our boobs done together. No, I’m joking!  I had written him a fan letter once, and he called me to thank me for writing it.   After moving to West Hollywood I emailed Ru. I started it with the whole “You probably doesn’t remember me…” and being that we both live In WEHO, I suggested that maybe we could meet. About a week later he walked up to me at the Beverly Center and surprised the hell out of me. He has been a great friend and mentor ever since.

  • How’s the scene in LA?
    I really love it.  I am lucky to have made it in the best clubs pretty much right away. The DJs there are amazing and have really helped my music get heard. Very grateful for that!  The sisterhood with most of the Queens in the scene there is pretty amazing. Florida native Detox iCunt was really my first Queen friend and has always been real supportive of me.   I am dying to know is how’s the scene in Florida? And when can I come over?

  • Who are some of your influences (Drag , Music or otherwise)
    Wow, there are so many.  RuPaul, of course. Mariah Carey, Vicky Vox iCunt, the women in my family and I think we’ve all been influenced by Oprah.

  •  Is “Right on track” your first excursion into music?
    Dance music, yes.  Music in general, no.  I went to Berklee College of Music on a full vocal scholarship and around that time began writing my own music.  I formed a band in Nashville and we did pretty good playing the local scene, then I moved to Los Angeles.

  • How did you hook up with Hollywood Giants?
    On GrindR. Kidding again! While performing at a local lound, the resident DJ (Jim Straz) asked if I would consider singing along with my performances. I had recorded a demo with a group that got shelved. Sometime after, we decided to go forward with a solo version.  We started shopping for producers that week and the rest is soon to be history!

  • Where can we see you next perform?
    You can catch me in LA, hopefully one day in your neck of the woods.

  • Whats next for Raquel Redd?
    More music!  We already have a 2nd single lined up for you and I am writing a 3rd.

  • Craziest performance story?
    Ow, I will have to tell you when we’re alone.  I’m not tryin to get arrested after this article goes to print!

  • Where can we find out more info on you?
    find me online at

That’s it for this week. Im saving Tech Trend for something special! See you next week.

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Alex Ferbeyre pka DJ Maximus 3000, is a chart topping producer, remixer, DJ, and founder/owner of the record label 8025 Alliance Music Group. DJ Maximus 3000 is also an experimental artist who has been working in the music industry since 1995. He has a background in music theory, journalism, and marketing and is the Music, Nightlife and entertainment technology trend editor of Marks List, and The Florida Agenda. Follow Ferbeyre on @DJMaximus3000. 

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