PRESS: “MAXIMUS 3000 BLOWING UP IN 2014” by Jeff Stewart, Florida Agenda

February 7, 2014

[easy_image src=”” size=”l”  crop=”t” title=”FLORIDA AGENDA FEATURE”] “MAXIMUs 3000 BLOWING UP IN 2014” – Jeff Stewart, Florida Agenda , February 2014 FULL ARTICLE:

Written by Jeff Stewart

We Sat down with Award winning, Billboard Chart Topping DJ/Producer Philanthropist and social media guru Maximus 3000 to Get the inside scoop on what he’s been up to and what hes got planned for 2014.

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JEFF STEWART: what made you decide to get into entertainment as a DJ and record producer?

MAXIMUS 3000: “I’ve always been in the arts; I have a background in visual art. When I was in college (I actually attended college early, 15 years old) for an art degree, I began experimenting with music and visuals. I was always intrigued by the dichotomy of music and visual arts and how they go hand in hand. It was a natural progression to fuse my background in Art, and my knowledge of music. Some of my first gigs were at art galleries and art shows. Making people happy has always been a little joy for me, and DJing seemed to be an outlet. so, one thing lead to another and soon,  after some research, purchasing of some gear, lots of practice, some music theory studying and countless gigs perfecting my craft, I formed a fully-fledged mobile DJ company. That led to a slew of doors opening and after a while that progressed into club DJing. Again, another natural progression into Producing would follow. Over simplifying, of course for this interview, this has been my life for the last 15+ years”

JS: how long have you been involved in being a DJ and a public figure in South Florida and do you have any special causes that you support?

M: “My Mobile Entertainment company,  I opened in 1995. I focused on that company until about 2001, soon after I landed some club gigs and festivals, by 2003 heavily focused on club DJing, each year continues to outdo the next till this day. I’m proud to say that I’ve landed some coveted slots in almost every major festival here in South Florida, both LGBT oriented and other. These achievements have skyrocketed my public profile and presence allowing me to “pay it forward” with endorsement and support of some of the causes and organizations that matter to me.  I’ve helped many non-profits including Food for the Poor, INC, GLAAD, Humane Society, Women/Kids in distress, Care Resource, Task Force, Poverello Food Bank, AHF, NVEEE and more.  The most important and closest to home for me, is Equal Rights. I’ve made it a point to make my presence known at EVERY Pride festival , both for visibility and to lend my voice as someone who has a very broad cross section of fans and audience (80 thousand + fans combined and going) on many social networks from all over the world and walks of life”

JS:  Where is your home base located?

M: “I am based in Miami, born and raised.  I have a very large following in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and the Keys as well as some parts of north / Central Florida. I’d like to say my home base is planet Earth.”

JS: What are some of the big clubs and big events that you been chosen to provide entertainment for?

M: “As I’ve said before, I’ve had the honor to land in some of the most coveted spots in my market and beyond (sometimes multiple times) I’ve performed at White Party, Winter Party, Miami Beach Gay Pride, Pridefest Fort Lauderdale, Come out with Pride Orlando, Art Basel, Stonewall Street festival, Celebrate Orgullo, New York City Pride, even the Inc. 500 in 5000 conference in Washington D.C. as the official DJ. These events have placed me on stages with some Artists that I truly admire and have since my youth, I’ve had to pinch myself sometimes: Andy Bell from Erasure, La India (who I ended up remixing and landing my first top 20 at number 3 billboard hit), Patti Labelle, Jennifer Holiday, Elvis Crespo, Adam Lambert, Flo Rida, Expose’ etc.; I’ve pretty much spun at every major and popular venue in south Florida, but highlights include Living Room Fort Lauderdale, Passion Nightclub, Griffin Nightclub, Clevelander, Bongos, Dream Hotel, Exit 66, Victor Hotel… it’s pretty staggering actually. You can check my site, there’s a complete list of every venue I’ve worked with

JS: Who are some of the people that you have helped promote and some of the charities also?

M: “At the moment, I am helping several charities. I am always actively involved in my community and, as I stated before, I keep a “pay it forward” attitude by doing as many charity functions that my time/budgeting constraints allow me. I have a landing page on my site with the current campaigns I’m running. I’m ALWAYS open; however, to help in any way I can along with my promotions company.”

DJ MAXIMUS 3000 2014 4JS: What’s your take on the way the music is gone in the past five years from disco to techno to house to some of the new things you think are going to start enveloping into the new dance Crazes?

M: “My feeling is that music trends change in cycles, however, with each pass and each generation, music becomes a bit more homogenized (frankly I Like that), eventually music won’t be subject to pigeonholing in any one specific genre, A trend that I anticipate and embrace in my musical selections, eventually people will just appreciate music for what it is. If you can dance to it and it makes you happy, that’s all that should matter. I am sort of an anti-purist in that sense; it’s allowed me to pretty much play to virtually any crowd and any situation. The artistic freedom and fluidity that allows me is very liberating, especially when I can play as I please, directly speaking to the crowd in front of me at any given moment, as opposed to being locked into one genre.  As far as new dance crazes go, I’m currently working with a MAJOR team of scientists to develop a machine that will predict the next Viral hit (Just kidding).”

JS:  Can you tell us a little bit about your family background, where you’re from, who supports you, who you care the most about etc.?

M: “I am a combination of Cuban, Spanish, French, Italian and Basque. I was born and raised here and I’m a son to 2nd and 1st generation Cuban-American families.  Growing up I listened to a combination of Classic Rock, from the 60’s and 70’s like Jimmy Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane etc. from my father; Deep Disco, Funk and Motown from my mother (who is originally from New Jersey), and a cross section of mambo, salsa, boleros, and more, passed down to my parents from their parents. Music was CONSTANTLY in the air growing up, and I was fascinated by the genealogy of music (I studied music theory and history shortly after attending college for Visual Art) and I devoured as many liner notes as I could. I can also say, I am BLESSED and awed by the utmost support my family shows me. Especially My parents, Mom being my right hand cheerleader and best friend in the world. (Surprise, surprise) LOL.”

 JS: Could you tell us a little bit about who some of your idols are?

M: “Honestly, I feel any performer who shows initiative and who combines multi-sensory aspects in their shows really speaks to me. Anyone who can combine Music, Visuals, Art, Fashion, Technology and Talent rocks my world. Bjork, Lady Gaga, Daft Punk, Underworld, Blue Man Group, etc., I love artists whose entire body of work crosses many mediums. That Being said, I am A HUGE fan Jean Paul Gaultier, MC Escher, Stan Lee, Michel Ghondry, Ridley Scott,  Charo, Jim Henson,  just to name a few.  Some DJs that REALLY influence who I am and how I approach my DJing: Fatboy Slim, Todd Terry, Danny Tenaglia, Tracy Young and Mike Mucci (whom I’ve had the pleasure of spinning alongside)…  I can literally go on and on. “

JS: What are some of your goals and some of your thoughts for 2014?

M: “This year, I really intend on increasing my output artistically: More Mashup videos/collages, Visual Art, Podcasts, Fashion, etc. I also plan on launching SEVERAL lines of businesses stemmed from that artistic output that I’ve been culminating over the years. I am also going to be going BACK to the studio and recording, producing and remixing more than ever, I’m literally overflowing with ideas and creative energy.”

JS: We’ve heard a little bit about you having a new app it’s going to be available on iTunes for iPhones and android what’s that all about?

M: “This is one of the most exciting ventures and the first of many new projects I’m launching in 2014. I am very proud to announce my partnership with Appitmobile, INC. on an all new official Maximus 3000 mobile APP. The developers and I entered months of think tanks to bring the entire embodiment of my work in a handheld app with all the tools of modern smart phone technology currently available. The APP will feature a RICH cross section of content including exclusive APP ONLY podcasts, Radio Broadcasts, Video Mashups, Downloads and more. There are even neat features including Foursquare/Facebook check in integration, Car/parking locator, VIP Perks including up to the minute updates on tour dates, and Loyalty reward programs.  I am STOKED to say as of the first week of January 2014, the APP is LIVE on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. DOWNLOAD IT TODAY and LEAVE ME A DIRECT MESSAGE!” (Download the app here: iPHONE | iPAD: , Android:


JS:  What would you say is the most prolific type of event that you’ve ever been associated with and that you enjoy that you’d like to do more if you haven’t already?

M: “Honestly, I can’t really put my finger on just one. However, I am leaning towards major festivals as my gig of choice. The pure adrenalin and connection I have large audiences is the ULTIMATE high for me. It’s indescribable to watch tens of thousands of people move to your music. I always compare it to being the sorcerer’s apprentice in Fantasia, conducting the cosmos. I also have to acknowledge that when I did the inc. 500 in 5000 conference, it was an amazing experience. I was rubbing shoulders with CEO’s and developers of Google, twitter, and other major companies, I am a STICKLER for social media and technology growth. (A huge part of one of the projects I’m launching this year as well). PLUS, these techie people know how to PARTY!”

JS:  Is it also true that you’re available for private events and parties for people who would like to bring your special technique and entertainment to their private venue or home for a wedding or special occasion?

M: “I am, and always will be. The difference is now; I started as a mobile DJ and grew into a Club/Festival DJ. Taking years of experience and knowledge producing, promoting, facilitating and playing MAJOR events and being able to reverse engineer the process and offering it to folks is very exciting. I want to break the mold on what people expect from a Private DJ performance. Some people want a true club experience without the crazy price tag, and others want it without the crazy amount of random strangers involved. So, I’m rebooting my old mobile entertainment company and giving it a makeover to include the “Maximus 3000” experience at the clients’ private event. I would say my target clients would be the people looking to build unforgettable, unique and innovative memories along with their special occasions. I truly believe a lot of people drop the ball when choosing entertainment for their private or corporate events. Some of these events ONLY happen ONCE in your life, why settle for mediocre? I have a large stable of DJs, Handpicked by myself, and a staff ready to make the event of your dreams happen, all while avoiding cliché’s like line dancing, and cheesy voiceovers during your party. We can accommodate almost any budget and situation, contact my management.”

JS: How does someone get in contact with you to find out more?

M: “Visit my website and go to the contact page, my team is available 24/7. BRING IT ON! We’re here for you!”

JS: What are some of your favorite hobbies or things to do when you have free time?

M: “I will always be an art junkie. Theatre, Artwalks/shows, Live Concerts, Movies, and things of that nature keep me going. I am very inspired by other people’s expressions. But, truth be told, I am also always in touch with pop culture and spend a VAST deal of my free time (the little there is) in studying memes and trending social media interactivity.”

JS: We are aware that you were the main DJ that helped grow and build the Living Room nightclub in Fort Lauderdale a while back, whatever happened to that?

M: “The Living Room Era, as I like to call it, was one of the most epic residencies I had, it was a career changer. I met thousands of really cool people and built a family relationship with many of my co-workers especially Mark Lowe its creator. I launched a lot of new ideas, and perfected an open format skillset that has opened countless doors for me, I can attribute a lot of my chops to having maintained a nearly 4 year weekly residency every Friday, and for a time even the Saturday night.  To put it into prospective, that’s more than 200+ performances including special themed events, over the top celebrity guests, nearly every contestant on Ru Paul’s Drag Race, All the Housewives of Bravo, and an amazing parade of guest celebrities, icons, and DJs, including a lot of personal friends of mine. It was a large part of my career to date, and I’m happy to have left it crystalized in its prime, BUT the proverbial door to a LIVING ROOM leads its way to a HOUSE, and that’s all I can say about that. Wink wink.”

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JS: What inspires you when you get to promote an event and how do you pull it off?

M: “For many years I’ve had a social media, marketing, branding and creative company that spawned from years of promoting my own personal events and my record label, 8025 Alliance Music Group, Aptly called 8025 Promo (8025 being the latitude and longitude of Miami). My team and I are very well versed in utilizing the power of social, print, and online media efficiently. Under my direction, the team learned from my years of working the trenches as a promoter at some of my own nights on south beach in the early part of the 2000’s and the subsequent need to promote my music projects, tours and artist releases with my label. Learning how to use metadata, keywords and searchable data efficiently came from growing alongside social media in its infancy all while having to maintain an edge, in one of the toughest and overly saturated markets for advertising and nightlife, South Beach. We started early on yahoo groups, and then joined Friendster, MySpace and now the big hitters like Facebook, instagram, twitter, vine etc. Each social network is a microcosm with its own laws of physics. Mastering how each one works, works to your advantage AND works in relation to each other is something, I’m very proud to say, is something we’ve achieved. My company 8025 Promo has recently joined forces with GLK Enterprises, LLC (responsible for OMG! Magazine / Event Promotions and more) and through our partnership we are now a turnkey solution for branding, promotions, and creative marketing along with consulting, acquisitions and business development. 8025 Promo is the creative arm while GLK does the structuring and business plans for our clients. By doing this, we are combining decades of marketing, club promotions, tastemaker solicitation, consulting, sales and quick-draw-guerilla branding tactics. We’re able to reach a more concise, targeted, active and engaged audience. When I am confirmed for an event, I approach each performance as a partnership with the venue/organizers/promoters and we extend the full reach of our combined circles to insure maximum exposure to the event.”

JS:  Where do you see yourself in the next three years?

M: “I have a very concise battle plan, a lot of seeds that have been planted over the years are in full bloom and I’m seeing a completed picture of my vision. I have many areas of art yet to explore, I’m currently looking into an acting debut, music supervision on some film projects, as well as a national DJ tour, A network of online radio stations, a newly reinvigorated record label and publishing company, and expanded offices in Tampa, NYC and LA. LOTS coming and LOTS to look out for! Visit my website to get ALL the details, or again DOWNLOAD MY APP!

Photos, Styling, Makeup and Hair by: Ricco Roland and Victor Steven Post Editting: Max-Ink


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